Where To Buy E-Cigs

The easiest place to purchase an electronic cigarette (granted you have an internet connection), is online. There are 100’s if not 1,000’s of companies who have websites where you can buy vapor products, and many of them also have accompanying brick and mortar locations.

Online Recommendations:

*Must Be 18 or Older For Purchases*

Here’s a couple of vapingguide.org’s top rated brands of electronic cigarettes

I’m including links to each respective official website, a link to my review of each, and coupon codes that you can use for each brand, which never expire.

1. V2 Cigs

#1 brand in the US – everything you need as a beginner, all the way to an advanced vape pen. Their Red flavor is very close to a Marlboro Red, and they also have a great menthol.

Buy: http://v2cigs.com

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2. VaporFi

Amazing line of vaporizers, vape pens, tanks, e-liquids, and a great standard e-cig

Buy: http://vaporfi.com

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I would encourage you to check one of those out. You can get started for around $30-$45, and that is with extra flavor cartridges so you don’t run out. V2 has a really cool beginner’s kit that has a rechargeable battery, cartridges and a disposable one time use electronic cigarette.



More and more stores are starting to carry vapor products, if you haven’t already noticed. Gas stations especially and convenience stores carry a few brands, depending on where you go. Some of the names you may see are Logic, Blu Cigs, NJOY and Vuse. Some are also starting to carry some of my favorites, such as South Beach Smoke and V2.

If you see V2 or South Beach, check those out. You may want a regular menthol or tobacco flavor to just check it out. Otherwise, NJOY is a decent one, and Vuse is a pretty good product. Blu Cigs and Logic are OK also. All of them will give you an idea, though for me, some like V2 taste much better.

Then once you find out you like electronic cigarettes, a whole world opens up to you with endless options, and so if you are a gadgety type of person, someone who likes variety, you will then be in heaven.

Of the online brands listed above, V2 has a nice selection, and VaporFi has a huge vaporizer line, and a line of e-liquids that has 10’s of thousands of possibilities.

If this all just sounded confusing, just check out one of my recommendations, and just see if you like it.

if you already have tried one, and know you like them, you may also want to check out a vape shop. Chances are there is one not too far from you as they are opening up all over the place, and if you look into one, you probably know what you’re looking for. Just know that they are all very different, so don’t give up on your first visit 😉