The e cig industry is growing in Alaska, but there are limited resources for brick-and-mortar shopping in the state. Many vapers will be drawn to out-of-state online vapor stores. For Alaskans who want to keep their money in the state as much as possible, here are some places they could take their business. Cities best represented by the industry are, unsurprisingly, Fairbanks and Anchorage.

A List

Those shops include Alaska Vapor Supply, Alaskan’s Smokeless, Fatboy, Sumo Vapor, and Ice Fog Vapors. Café de Vapor is mostly a juice spot while several provide both online and in-person sales. Aloha Vapor and Juice Bar, ironically named, is also located in Anchorage. Wasilla provides a home to at least two major Alaska e cig companies as well, one being Sweet Vapes. Ice Fog is located in Fairbanks.

Sumo Vapor, Anchorage

Open Monday to Sunday, Sumo provides all vaping necessities from a basic kit to a VW mod. They are not, however, into featuring a lot of stuff online; maybe there is more in the store.

Items include the IPV Mini 2 priced $80 and the Phantom which goes for $150. They sell two starter kits and one rebuildable atomizer over the internet: an authentic Legion RDA by TXR. E liquids by Moose Knuckle are also available.

Besides major electronic items and e liquid, Sumo Vapor will also supply the accessories you need to make a full kit out of your device. Buy your batteries, drip tips, and chargers and create a vaping relationship with your local e cig vendor. They also have an active social media presence, and you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Café de Vapor, Anchorage

Vapor juice is at the center of Café de Vapor’s business, although they list a few pieces of hardware in their offering. You can pick up a Black Nemesis mod (clone) or a Spinner 2, perhaps a Mini ViVi Nova or an Innokin iClear 16.

Apart from Café de Vapor’s own liquid, there are items from Adam Bomb and Space Jam. Their total number of juice flavors is relatively small: fewer than 100, even when you include Café de Vapor flavors. The fact that they sell such highly-rated e liquids, however, suggests that their focus is more on quality, not quantity.

More Options

A lot of vapers got their start with disposable e cigs and mini cig starter kits. While online vendors from all over the United States provide selection, many of their one-time e cigs and starter kits are carried by local distributors. Those would be department stores (like Walmart, Walgreen, etc.), corner stores (like Circle K, 7-11), and garages (Chevron, for instance).

Consider looking in one of these locations or you may go and visit a tobacco shop. Numerous purveyors of traditional tobacco products have branched out by necessity, adapting to prevent death caused by e cigs. Liquor stores have been known to feature a few kits: ask at your favorite shop or drive around a little to find out what’s available.