Arizona was one of the states that pioneered the vape store format and their shops continue to thrive. This is all thanks to customers and the ongoing popularity of vaping. There does not seem to be a recession in this industry, even when other businesses (like tobacco companies) falter.

Maybe companies and customers are worrying about what the FDA will do with their e cigs and e liquids, but nervousness isn’t showing in the way consumers support vaping or in the number of choices they have.

Cities like Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix have really flourished in this area. Some businesses own multiple branches. Here are some of the Arizona Vapor stores selling e cigs, variable devices, mechanical mods, e-liquid, and associated products.


Coming at you from various locations in Arizona, Zikwid carries the major brands: Aspire, Innokin, JoyeTech, and Smok. They seem to have a great relationship with Smok, in fact, carrying many of their affordable, reliable, and popular products.

These include the Smok UDA, X-Pro 80-Plus VW mod, ePipe, and Zmax. Among atomizers sold at Zikwid is the Kryptonite in Silver or Black Ceratoke. They offer low-end products too such as an eRoll or 510 by JoyeTech and an iTaste CLK, all of them easy for new vapers to try. An Aspire Premium Kit is a little advanced, but not as difficult to operate as a Smok X-Pro.


Here is another shop with multiple locations. Their juices include Ghost Nectar, Cosmic Fog, and Mr. Goodvape. Listings under the heading “featured items” tend to be for use by experienced vapers: hence the “Hi-Tec” moniker. They carry mostly clones: the Derringer RDA, Legion RDA, Siverplay RTA, and others. These are frequently preferred to originals because authentic items cost three times as much or more.

The HB DNA 40 at Zikwid contains a real Evolv motherboard, though, which is reflected in the price. The Turbo RDA by Ohm Nation looks like the real thing too. The Chi You Polished Brass is a clone but a Youde UDT-V14 is affordable and original. Hi-Tech lists the Aspire K1 BVC Glassomizer for individuals still vaping with eGos so as not to leave out an important sector of the vaping community: the one still vaping at low but not sub-ohms.

Vape Central, Chandler

Enjoy free shipping with every order from Chandler’s Vape Central. One of the most humorous listings here is Schwartz Juice named for Mel Brooks’ hilarious take on Star Wars: Space Balls. Darth Helmet provides the logo while Yogurt inspires flavors like Comb the Desert (peanut butter and hazelnut yogurt), Upside (strawberry yogurt), and Downside (blueberry Greek yogurt). Other brands are Vape 7 Daze and Vaping Rabbit. Expect a sense of humor from the people at Vape Central.

Their brands are unexpected. Many names appear in very few other places like the Natural 9 mechanical mod by Standard Functions or the iShift Mod by Science of Vaping. Then there is the juice, of course. I feel like the people at Vape Central take some risks by veering from more established names, but their choices appear to be judicious just the same.

Oasis in Two States

Find your oasis in the desert at this store with locations in Arizona and New Mexico. Featured items were the Aspire Atlantis Tank, iStick 20W, Kanger EVOD 2, and Kanger Subtank. Oasis Vape is the home-brand of e liquid priced $2.99 for 10 ml. Try Flinstone: orange sherbet push-up pops. Boon Mix is sweet and creamy. Enjoy a sweet and tart combination from Blues Brothers. Nicotine is provided in 2-mg increments from 30 mg down to nicotine-free.

Vape Escapes

Phoenix is home to Vape Escapes, a small company where regulars take part in the VIP Tuesday Text Club. They carry affordable gear, but at most levels. The Innokin CLK 1280, JoyeTech eRoll e cig, and JoyeTech eGo-C are all designed for new or slightly experienced vapers. Mechanical mods such as a KTS Storm, Panzer Blackhawk clone, and Stingray Clone would satisfy an entirely different crowd: one with many vaping hours and a lot of confidence under their belts.

Vape Escapes e liquid costs $9.95 for 12 ml or $22.95 for 30 ml. Use it to fill the Aerotank Turbo, Aspire Atlantis, and warm your juice with an Aspire CF Sub-ohm battery. They compete amicably with many Arizona vapor stores.