The number of vapor stores calling Connecticut “home” might not be large, but vapers will find some quality offerings in their state. One firm blends its own 100% USP juices. Shop around and find high-end authentic mechanical mods.

Somewhere in Connecticut, an e cig store is open every day of the week. Smokers are not forced to trawl garages and convenience stores to find their first e cig.

While they might see them in department, grocery, or liquor stores, these venues are unable to provide selection and might not feature competitive pricing. Even if you buy your first vapor device from one of these locations, at least know what your options are.


This Milford vendor is open Monday to Saturday, giving their employees a day off or perhaps enjoying family time. They run a lounge with a long, comfortable-looking black sofa, a small vapor bar, and sell their own e liquid.

E-Six is run by DIY mod enthusiasts and their selection reflects this interest. Besides a Kanger EVOD starter kit in several colors, equipment is generally advanced; stuff new vapers should avoid until they have enjoyed that EVOD for a while, filled their tank a few times, and then talked with an expert. Vendors in vape shops are often patient with customers who want to learn how to vape with high-end devices: it’s a good business technique not to laugh at newbies and turn them away.

At E-Six, you can buy items like the Mutation X V3, Sense Herakles sub-ohm tank, Kanger Subtank, and Joye Delta. The Smok RSST Genesis Atomizer joins them on the shelves. Attach one of these to a Smok Magneto, Eleaf iStick 30W or 50W, the iPV2, or a VaporShark DNA 40.

Select a flavor from one of two lines: the original E-Six e juice or their Archetype Blends. These contain mostly vegetable glycerin, 100% USP, so they will be appropriate for sub-ohm vaping. E-Six offers online sales as well as two physical locations: they branched out to open a shop in Branford also.

The Steam Company, Orange

Here you will find cloned items, authentic items, high-watt mods, and e juice. They carry the Kanger Aerotank and a Mini Protank 3. Select the Aspire Atlantis or Smok RSST. Their RDAs include a Patriot V2 and Vulcan. Nemesis and Copper Caravela mods are both affordable clones. One device, the X-Man 35W by Ecigator, contains a REAL chip, and resembles a one-tone silver robot.

Their e juices cost $13.99 for 30 ml. Flavors like Cobra Chai and Kesar Run (mango, watermelon, and berries) could introduce a vaper to wonderful tastes and aromas not known to him as a smoker.

E-Stop, Milford

Milford is one of the best places to visit for e cigs and e juice due to the concentration of vape shops available here. Make a selection at E-Stop, open Monday through Sunday. Here you will find both e liquid equipment and herbal vaporizers like the PAX, a popular portable vaporizer.

This small shop carries the Tumbler Tank, Kanger MT3-S clearomizer, Smok variable voltage battery, and the Kanger E-Smart. Buy wick, chargers, drip tips, and anodized tanks in assorted colors: in short, the general run of accessories all vapers need. Being small, they can’t meet all of your needs, but add E-Stop to your existing list of vendors, even if only to be aware of your selection and pricing options.