Few vapor stores have opened their doors in Delaware, at least not many found online. There are several small venues — locations where business owners have either opened a tiny storefront or are selling multiple products which include gifts, alcohol, or tobacco.

Locals and visitors might stumble upon these shops where sales people might not be experts but opportunists who know there is money in selling e cigs, especially disposables and small starter kits or eGos which are frequently inexpensive impulse purchases.

Finding Delaware E Cig Retailers

One way to locate these stores is to walk around major cities like Dover and Newark. Another is to visit the Yellow Pages, Mantra, and Yelp. Great places for a small selection of mini cigs include gas stations, convenience stores, and department stores. According to the internet, there are more than 60 places to buy e cigs, but most of these are places carrying mini cigs: cigarette-style devices, some rechargeable kits but many of them disposable.

Brick-and-Mortar Shops for E Cigs in Delaware

Choose from just a few street level stores, but if you want more choice, you are better off searching in surrounding states on the east coast or visiting online vendors. Some vendors carry e cigs alongside tobacco products, display them next to bottles of wine and beer, or bars occasionally sell them at the counter. Vapers are likely to find e cigs in places where they used to smoke: pubs and clubs, for instance.

Delaware Vapor, Newark

The owners of this firm call themselves a one-stop shop for e cigs and accessories. This Newark store is a member of the SFATA and carries many e liquids made in the United States; quality labels such as ANML, G2 Vapor, Cosmic Fog, and CRFT.

Their gourmet selection is impressive. Browse authentic mechanical mods like the beautiful Labyrinth by Cosmic Innovations. Select a top-end tank to go with it and a 2Puffs Drip Tip.

The Smoov eGo and ViVi Nova STV Window Tank kit could make a fine team for new or intermediate consumers. Vapers have a choice of starter kits: the Aspire Premium, Kanger EMOW, Innokin CLK, or Joye eGo One, all of them excellent.

Library News and Tobacco and Cheswold News and Tobacco

These two tobacco vendors have added e cigs to their list of products. Library News is located in Wilmington while Cheswold News comes from Dover. In either place, smokers are given the opportunity to explore their interest in either type of product.

They don’t feel pressured to give up cigarettes or their pipes and switch over to e cigs completely. As smokers become more interested in electronic cigarettes, they usually switch between the two for a while, using a disposable or KR808D rechargeable device at work during “smoking” break but lighting up regular analogs at home.