Florida is one of the central states when it comes to finding e cig stores and e liquid manufacturers. Some of the top brands, such as VaporFi and South Beach Smoke, come from Florida. VaporFi’s stores have spread out over the Miami area and beyond. There are many more options, however; lots of all-purpose vape shops operating from brick-and-mortar locations, and often online as well.

Why Florida?

What makes vapers turn to Florida for their vaping needs and encourages people to start businesses in the industry in towns like Miami and St. Petersburg? Attitudes to vaping are more relaxed here than in many of the other states, perhaps with the exception of California.

You will see a huge variety of store types: some run by families, some run by hipsters, and many run by savvy and trendy business people. Their selection of hardware, juices, brands, and styles of products is extraordinary.

Vape King, Bonita Springs

Bonita is home to an eponymous tank costing about $40; a unique and beautiful item one could easily pair with an equally unique wooden box mod by Pandora or REO. These are available in many blended patterns such as a variety of camouflage designs, Desert Sand, and Dapple Apple (red and green).

This company also sells 100% USA e juice from their custom line. Their name boasts an aristocratic ring, but the way people at Vape King are running the show presents a small-business feel. The website is dark and products are limited. It’s not the crisp, well-organized site you expect from big operators. That’s okay, though; at least they have the business sense to operate online and in-person.

Vapor Road

St. Petersburg is home to Vapor Road which only serves the local area. If you want delivery, there is a select range of zip codes they deliver to. Otherwise, come by the shop and browse. They carry Aspire, Innokin, Cloupor, JoyeTech, Kanger, Sigelei, and more brands besides.

Try the Tornado eGo tank or V4 BDC (both by Totally Wicked), or a Sigelei mod like the Legend V2 or ZMax V2. An Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 has not yet been replaced by the 3.0, so I hope they plan to catch up soon. Choose a Dovpo ELVT V2 (the one that’s resistant to almost everything) when you are preparing to take your vape on a hike.

New Leaf

Like VaporFi, V2 Cigs, and Halo, New Leaf is a brand name but not a household name; a vape store, but not general enough to be an all-purpose vendor. They operate multiple shops including one in Jacksonville where they sell their brand name goods as well as mods by major manufacturers. Ratings are good and the stores are organized and designed to feel like any high street store. If you didn’t read the sign first, you might believe you had walked into a bakery, confectioner’s outfit, or something equally mainstream.

Here you can buy a New Leaf mini e cig kit suitable for a brand new vaper or an Atlantis sub-ohm tank by Aspire, plus an eLeaf iStick 20W to operate it on. They carry the iHybrid Pure and the Mythos Mod Hybrid. New Leaf’s selection is limited and eclectic. Juices are made by New Leaf, Greenman, High Caliber, and others.

Island Vape, Clearwater

I almost get the impression that this store is too laid back to be a real business, at least where their website is concerned. They post images of straw-roof cottages on the beach, but they are just portraying a relaxed image.

Judging by their stock, they compete in a distinct market, vying for clients who are just starting out. Island Vape does not sell a lot of expensive or advanced gear. The priciest item is probably a Russian 91% RDA, which is expensive enough, but out in left field considering how much their selection is weighted towards eGo and EVOD users.

Buy an eGo-T, eGo-C Twist, Kanger Protank 2, or a Kanger T3S here to replace existing ones or to start at the beginning. These are relatively user friendly. Their juices include Firebrand, Halo, and NicVape: all US-made liquids. They insist on carrying only American vapor juice at Island Vape.

Their online shop put me in mind of a store selling something else: cars maybe, or motorcycles. There was a total lack of continuity between the various design features of their website, but their real business is in-person anyway.

The Vape Shop

Located in Pensacola, Pace, and Gulf Breeze, these three shops carry authentic and expensive mods, starter kits, accessories: a lot of high-end gear essentially. They list juice by Gremlin, Good Life, Charlie Noble, Namber, The Standard, and other gourmet companies. You will get the impression during your visit to The Vape Shop that you should either be ready to spend a considerable amount of money relative to comparable brands and items or that you should at least be an experienced vaper.

Vape Shops, E Liquid

Where California is home to many of the artisan juice companies which have become so popular among sub-ohm vapers and users of high-watt mods, it seems that Florida’s image is more as the home of popular brands. I have to mention VaporFi again because their stores are very popular; express and full-service stores. Their starter kits and mods do well online, but I think their customizable juices are a huge hit at street level.

When you are vaping with their Express, Air, Pro, or Pulse kit, a bottle of their regular juice is just fine. If you plan to extend your reach to a Variable Volt device (like the Rebel II) or a Vox 50 VW mod using the Bolt RDA, you could try an Artisan e liquid by VaporFi containing more vegetable glycerin. Many brick-and-mortar vape companies in Florida make e juice in the store, often to order.