Most of the companies selling vaping equipment in Hawaii are small shops, made up mostly of little businesses that are not into putting on a glossy show like many of the major online vendors. You will see that even their in-store selection can be fairly limited.

Turn to the one really big Hawaiian e-cig store and you will be sure of finding everything you need. To support the little guy, enter shops with the attitude that you might not come away completely satisfied with selection or price. You might have to make a few stops, possibly at locations which never made it to the internet or which only provide a Facebook page with just a little bit of information to indicate what items they carry or their prices.

TCA E Cigs, Waipaku

This is not Waikiki or Honolulu, but TCA E Cigs comes out as one of the top e-cig stores in Hawaii. Their lineup is a roster of big names like Smok and Innokin, with a catalogue that includes the K100, ZMAX, Chi You, Magneto, The Natural, and more.

For tanks and clearomizers, browse their stock of Vivi Nova, iClear 30, and more. In other words, you should already have some experience as a vaper when you step into this shop; it doesn’t look like they’re ready for newbies.

Ego, EVOD, and 510 devices don’t show up, at least not online. But you can always drop by the nearest convenience store for a disposable cigalike. TCA e liquids include the Vaping Dragon, Flavorz by Joe, and Vintage Liquids.

The Vape Shack 808, Wailuka

Again, we visit a town lesser-known to non-Hawaiians but familiar to vapers who need to service their device in some way or get started with a new piece of equipment. There might be a lot of mods available in the physical store but online selection is severely limited. Choose the SMOK RBC, EBC, or GBC. Their signature liquid blend is priced $5 for 10 ml, and comes in several varieties.

Volcano E Cigs

Internationally known Volcano e cigs have been in this business since almost the beginning, making e cigs for three classes of vaper: the new, the mid-level, and the advanced consumer. They carry three devices: the Magma cigalike starter kit and parts, an Inferno eGo-style battery and clearomizer, and a LavaTube VV/VW tube mod.

Their popularity is due in part to the quality of Volcano products and service, but also owing to American-made Volcano e liquid. A wide selection of colors doesn’t hurt them either.

Consumers are drawn to exotic flavors and styles of e liquid which are all about tropical fruits and colorful names. Pre-filled cartomizers come in numerous varieties for a low price.

Volcano supports every piece of hardware with replacement parts such as coils, new batteries, drip tips, and more. Visit one of their many physical Hawaii locations or check out their website. Volcano products and shops or kiosks have also spread in many parts of the US.

Waiola Vapor Store

This high-end e juice company produces vapor juice in much the same way as Volcano: using USP, food-grade ingredients, and packaging them in tamper-evident bottles at their FDA-approved facility. I wouldn’t be surprised if Volcano and Waiola (which means “water of life”) share a vape-mixing/bottling venue.

Their e juice lines are designed for vapers at the beginning stage where they are using inexpensive systems and those with high-quality coils ready for thicker juices. Waiola is their basic line and Mana was designed for advanced vapers.

Waiola e liquids are also sold online directly to consumers and are available in many flavors inspired by the islands. Try Lilikoi Passion, Strawberry Shave Ice, and more.

For the Brand New Vaper

Another way to get started vaping in Hawaii is to drop by some of the stores that carry e cigs on the side. A vape vendor is better placed to explain how vaping works and guide you to the best products, but disposables are often the way people make their entry into the e-cig world. Visit a liquor store for beer and come out with a six-pack plus a mini cig. Stop by the tobacconist and buy a cigalike with your pipe tobacco.