Go in search of a spot to buy e cigs and you will be met with several questions. These will help you cut through a quantity of options and arrive at a few vendors who might have what you are looking for.

Questions for Vapers Shopping within Illinois

What level of vaping equipment does a store sell? Do they accommodate new vapers? If so, what is their attitude to newbies? Are they capable of offering high-level equipment when you are ready for it? Can you purchase copies of mods priced lower than originals but solidly built?

Even experienced vapers need assistance, but some shops are not staffed with knowledgeable employees. Some stores treat new vapers with disdain, giggling over their ignorance or ignoring them if they look uncertain.

Customers want to be treated with respect, given incentives to remain loyal, and provided with competitive selection and pricing. Illinois consumers can stay within state borders and achieve all of their goals easily, probably in a single place.

Cigette Vapor, Wheeling, Illinois

Chicago might be the biggest city in Illinois and one of the country’s largest overall, but not all vape roads lead there. Wheeling is home to Cigette Vapor where their e juice is the big seller. Top flavors such as caramel mocha, apricot cream, and Mojito cost $11.99 for 20 ml, $25.99 for 50 ml, and are offered in strengths of 18 mg to zero-nicotine. This is affordable and flavors sound tasty.

Cigette also carries hardware for their e juice customers. Whether you are in a flap because your battery ran out while you were visiting Wheeling or this is your regular shop, Cigette’s pricing is comparable and reasonable to what you find elsewhere. They also provide some mechanical mods for your perusal.

Compare a Sigelei box mod with an SMY mod and mechanical devices such as the NEA and Apache, both stainless steel devices in multiple styles with three tubes made for 18-series batteries. At the other, less technical end of the spectrum is the EVOD 2-battery kit for $59.99. Selection covers most levels, but you couldn’t call this a one-stop shop unless e juice was your priority.

PS Vapor, Troy

From Monday until Sunday every week PS Vapor accommodates vapers who are not looking for variable watts and mechanical vaporizers. They have set out in search of elegant and eye-catching designer eGo batteries, Kanger Protanks, CE4 clearomizers, and starter kits. Their product line includes fashionable and practical e cig jewelry, accessories, cases, and chargers, but you have to shop in-person. Their website is a reference page only.

Vapor Company, Rockford

Come here any day, Monday to Sunday, and browse a selection of variable watt devices and impressive PVs. Vapor Company is up to date with their JoyeTech equipment, carrying both the 1100 mAh and 2200 mAh versions of an eGo One ($59.99 and $69.99). Their price for an iStick 20W is $49.99: a bit high, as is the two-battery Evod kit for $69.99. Vapor Company carries accessories for listed products: coils, replacement tanks, and so on. They also make three versions of their in-house vapor juice: Great 815, VC Vapor Bland, and Vapor Company House Blend.

Nixteria, Crystal Lake Vapor Store

Once known as Juicy Vapor, Nixteria is predominantly a purveyor of e liquids. Log on to place an order for ready-mixed styles. Visit their website to buy extracts and other ingredients to blend juices in the privacy of your own home. This business, affiliated with both AEMSA and SFATA and operating since 2008, can accommodate your needs.

Nixteria juices are made in the United States and cost $6 for 10 ml. The base recipe is customizable: you might want to drip onto an RDA or plan on using a CE4: two opposite ends of the viscosity spectrum. Select styles like Caramel Corn, Marshy Marsh and the Pecan Bunch, Butter Rum Caramel, or Cola.

Has your regular setup stopped working? Does a smoker you know need some incentive to stop killing himself with cigarettes? Buy yourself or this other person products by Smoov. This is an unusual opportunity; most vapor stores are not affiliated with a mini e-cig brand from the United States and many don’t even carry 510 e cigs from China.

Their batteries are easy to use and compact, just right for a person who isn’t ready to hold a large eGo or, worse, an adjustable APV. Affordable Smoov batteries are available in several colors, two sizes, and you can purchase blank cartomizers that fit onto these cells. You know what that means: order Nixteria e liquid and fill up cartomizers with juice.