Of all the US States, Maine is one of the smallest and their selection of e-cig shops is not huge. You will find four or five based in Lewiston, Sanford, Bangor, and Boothbay, one of which is an e-liquid store, not a place to buy electronic hardware.

Spread Out

Fortunately, Maine is flanked by several larger states like New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont, so if you can’t find what you want in Maine it is an easy thing to add vapor and electronics to a shopping trip you would ordinarily enjoy in one of these states or elsewhere. The online option is also open to you, but know your facts before shopping over the internet.

Maine Vendors

As I say, just four locations specifically deal in e cigarettes or e-liquid which does not mean there are only 4 places in the state to buy an e-cig. Your first taste of e-juice could be supplied by a disposable device sold at a corner store. Although they are not the most powerful of cost-effective products available, disposables products provide a suitable introduction. If you try one and feel as though it could replace your cigarette, do not stick with one-time e cigs. There are better batteries and juices available to you.

The Next Level

Try something with power, like a 650-mAh or 900-mAh eGo; maybe a 1300-mAh Vision Spinner with variable voltage. These are easy to use but last a half day or up to two days. Innokin’s iTaste MVP 2.0 is often the next stop; an affordable box mod with double the power and a wider voltage range.

High End, High Difficulty

Mods are hard to understand if you have only just graduated from disposable e cigs which do not feature so much as a button. They rely on battery power, but to change resistance or temperature one must make manual adjustments. Purely mechanical mods are expensive if you are looking at original, serialized devices, but at least there are some US models to choose from. All other devices (including clones) are made in China even if they bear a US company logo.


As stated earlier, one of the vape shops in Maine sells e-liquid exclusively. They make their own bakery-style flavors. If you abandoned tobacco e juice the first chance you got, give this brand a shot.

Out of State Selection

E cigs are big business and getting bigger in spite of threats to the industry’s well-being. If selection in Maine is limiting you for now, however, your best bet is probably New York.