With about 50 places selling e cigs in Michigan, there is no reason to shop in any other state. Those 50 shops together carry all types of e cig products. You will find mechanical mods from the Philippines and the United States, Joyetech, Smoktech, Kanger, and Innokin devices, regular rechargeable and disposable e cigs, and accessories of all kinds. Your shopping experience might also involve some pleasant surprises.

A Break Down of Vapor Stores

Every vapor store addresses a certain audience. Even if they seem to have everything, there is usually a price point they do not go over or they specialize in selling the best juices, authentic mechanical mods, and high-end rebuildable atomizers. They might carry only juice including DIY ingredients and tools for mixing, or their product variety could cater to intermediate vapers using eGos and twist batteries, but nothing more powerful than a VV V3.0 by Innokin. Occasionally, you will find vaping gear in smoke shops or wax vapes and herbal vaporizers in e cigs stores.

Some of the stores sell to wholesale buyers who are going to distribute their goods from other locations either in Michigan or somewhere else in the United States. Certain shops sell from a physical store but not online. Several offer online and physical retail. A few shops operate online only.

Locations for Stores in Michigan

A lot of the vaping shops found in the state are situated right in Detroit or to the north in the greater Detroit area. Several are bunched-up around Grand Rapids. Others are dotted in isolated towns to the north.

Prominent Companies

Two of the most famous firms located in Michigan deal in e juice and nothing else. Flavorz by Joe is a high quality e liquid available in many flavors at reasonable prices and sold around the United States. Lorann Oils is not just an e cig supplier but also sells flavorings to bakeries and confectioners.

Keeping the Money in Michigan

Why is it important to identify Michigan shops? You live in a world of internet marketing and shopping and a lot of products you want to buy are also sold by vendors in Florida, California, Arizona, and elsewhere. It’s understandable that you want to get the best prices and brands, but 50 stores provide a range of prices, selection, and quality.

It’s hard to imagine choosing a shop based in North Carolina just because, with shipping included, you saved $2.50. With the automotive industry going belly-up, Michigan residents have a new opportunity to pull together and keep their money close to home. The vaping industry has the potential to do a lot of good for Michigan.