I was surprised there weren’t more vapor stores in Nevada, a big state but where populations tend to gather at the outskirts. Locals in the major centers are presented with lots of choices. Those on the outer edges of Nevada easily and frequently cross state lines to look for options, especially into California. Arizona is to the south and east, a stone’s throw from Las Vegas.

Sacramento is not far from Reno and Carson City, but vapers are a loyal bunch. Many will try to save their brick-and-mortar stores where committed entrepreneurs and e cig experts take time to not just sell but to explain products. Only when they have exhausted their street-level choices will these consumers cross the line or place an online order outside of the state.

Valuable Reviews

Consumer review sites will lead you to a variety of vendors in Las Vegas and some in Reno plus others around the state, although Las Vegas is regarded as vapor central where Nevada is concerned. Read independent impressions from people living in the Nevada cities and visitors from out the city or another state, looking for repeated words.

Do words like “friendly,” “reliable,” and “knowledgeable” crop up time and again? If so, let these impressions guide you. They are more reliable than anomalous bad reviews; the kinds that seem to be out in left field.

Also, check the posting dates on reviews, and only trust current ones. Strangely, even when patrons of their local vapor store try to be loyal, they will be drawn a fair distance to any place that goes above and beyond their expectations, as is often the case among Nevada e cig stores.

Laughlin Vape Pros

Every Monday through Sunday, Vape Pros is open to the public to sell mostly e juice but also a very small assortment of electronic devices. As evident on their website, selection is small, although choices inside the physical store could be more varied. Items in stock include the new Tesla Sidewinder in 4 colors for $55 each, eGo batteries (regular and “bling”), and dry herb vaporizers. There are five of these, but juice is their mainstay.

Vape Pros sell their 15-ml bottles for $8 each. Select your propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin blend and select up to 24 mg by 1-mg increments. Among their delectable flavors are Twinkie, Crazy Bull, Nutella, and Banana Nut Bread. The menu is extremely long, so you are certain to locate a fruit, tobacco, or menthol variety instead of these decadent treats.

Sky Vapors, Las Vegas E-Cig Shop

Under a wide sunny sky, vapers find this small, friendly shop. Vapers can walk to the bar and ask for custom blends. Among items for sale are unique box mods made of real-wood. Staff at Sky Vapors takes time with each customer. They are patient and attentive. One customer says they even showed him how to wrap a coil free of charge. Being charged for this service is expected, generally. Great customer service fuels positive word of mouth in a way that no flashy website could possibly achieve.

Vapology: Art of Vapor, Las Vegas

Once again, we return to Las Vegas where we find a store open 7 days each week to meet your vaping needs. Like Sky Vapors, employees show patience and consideration for customers. They come highly recommended if you need e liquid, a beautiful mechanical mod and tank, or are searching for a store with the kind of atmosphere where customers are friends.

Staff at Vapology know what they are doing, demonstrating the skill of individuals who sell the stuff they use and understand it before trying to sell it. When patrons wrote reviews online, the management took time to respond to writers as though they were old friends.

I Heart Vape

At this final Las Vegas entry, we find yet another lauded location. Customers continually write positively about I Heart Vape where their motto might be “We Heart Customers.” Customer service is alive and well in Las Vegas.

Clients come here to purchase Kanger and Sigelei products like EVOD starter kits. They carry novelty items like bunny drip tips. The Sir Lancelot Mod is up for grabs if you can pick one before they sell out. Patrons are crazy about I Heart Vape e liquids, in particular, which they believe are among the best house juices they have tried. The reward program to promote repeat business is apparently exceptional too, but that’s not what brings people back; care and quality offer the kind of allure no discounts can make up for when a business does not have them.

Nevada Vapor Shopping

Las Vegas is the casino capital of the world. Casinos connect people who do one or both of two things while gambling: smoking and drinking. These two activities are also frequently connected independent of card tables. The atmosphere is just perfect for vapers who were once smokers, who continue to drink or gamble, or who just like the spectacle of Las Vegas.

As such, there is a good chance consumers will find e cigs in the many bars, casinos, and liquor stores situated around this glittering city. There are manifold opportunities to find disposable e cigs bearing tobacco, menthol, or hookah flavors and small starter kits comprised of KR808D-threaded batteries and cartomizers; rechargeable sets which attract brand new vapers. If clubs, hotels, and liquors stores don’t have them, garages, convenience stores, and department stores will.