New Jersey

One might think New Jersey is dwarfed by New York where vapor stores are concerned. But if you look closely, they hold their own remarkably well in spite of the Big Apple’s size and their assortment of shops. Among the possible shopping locations for vapers living in or visiting New Jersey are some highly successful chains with branches in multiple New Jersey locations and even one with a single example in New York.

Here are 4 possible one-stop shops e cig users might like to try depending on what part of the state they live in or happen to be visiting. Also, the term “one-stop” only works if the gear you were searching for is sold in a store. No vapor store is truly set-up to serve absolutely everyone.

New Jersey Vapor

The family which owns New Jersey Vapor visited California in the early days of e cigs and they saw something their local community didn’t have: selection. They wanted people in the Old Bridge, Eatontown, and Hopetown communities to experience more options as they went shopping for e cigs and e juice. Choice leads to friendly competition, something that locals were lacking. The unique spin at New Jersey Vapor was to make their location funky and fun.

New Jersey Vapor carries ego kits and batteries for vapers who are just getting started. They carry several Innokin iTaste products such as the MVP 2.0 (slowly being phased out as the 3.0 takes its place), VTR, VV V3.0, and the VTR. They also carry clearomizers and accessories for clearomizers which can be paired with the hardware they carry.

It looks like their products are mostly designed for relatively new or low-tech vapers. E juice is bottled in the store weekly so lots of fresh selection is made available. New Jersey Vapor operates only through its physical store, preferring not to dabble in e-commerce.

Flash Vapor

Flash might be small but they give vapers in North Bergen, Paramus, Little Falls, and East Hanover another place to compare prices and service. In some ways their name is ironic because there seems to be nothing flashy about them. I would refer to this chain’s style as “down to earth.” They also operate a single location in New York, but these are guys who are Jersey boys at heart.

Stores are well lit, tasteful, welcoming, and presents a more professional atmosphere. Unlike some of the glittery and imposing California vape bars, Flash vapor stores do not resemble clubs and anyone is made to feel at home and comfortable. Long display cabinets show a full range of models, tons of colors, and excellent stock levels.

Amped E Cig Shop

Purchase gourmet, top-notch juices by brands such as ANML, Cosmic Fog, Adam Bomb, and the Standard. Select a lesser-known label like Doomsday Gourmet, The Schwartz, Tug Sauce, or Vaping Rabbit. While comparing prices and flavors, however, you could be drawn to the “Amped” line of house liquids for $7.99 (which could be less if you buy multiple bottles at the same time).

Their e-cig selection includes compact eGo and EVOD products suitable for very new and moderately confident vapers alike. For the expert, there are more powerful mods such as the Army or Apollo (which are expensive mechanical devices), DNA 30 (an expensive adjustable box mod), and high-watt products from China.

They include the ELVT, iPV Mini, JoyeTech EGrip, and assorted Eleaf iStick products. Among atomizers they carry the 454 Big Black, Kanger Aerotank in its multiple sizes, the Cerebus, Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm RTA, and regular, colorful clearomizers for use with eGos and other small batteries.

The Vapor Store

I guess some names are not that original, but obvious titles like this one suggest you are looking at a New Jersey pioneer. When they opened, maybe there were not many other vapor stores laying claim to that classification and the idea was a novelty.

Today, The Vapor Store operates online and from stores located in Union City and Woodbridge. The RDAs on their shelves are all clones; copies of expensive examples produced in limited numbers and costing considerably more money than these ones.

The Vapor Store appeals to real people who know money doesn’t grow on trees. Examples of clones sold here are the Omega, Atty, and Magma. These are perfect for pairing with top-notch mechanical mods or electronic devices that can handle sub-ohm coils.

The Vapor Store in New Jersey offers several kits such as the eGo-C Twist Gift Box Set for $107.99. Inside, customers will find four 10-ml bottles of e liquid, two USB chargers, two small Aspire tanks, 2 coils, and two 900-mAh Twist batteries. Assorted alternatives include the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0, iTaste SVD, Cool Fire 1, and a number of pretty “bling” eGo batteries that would make nice gifts for feminine vapers tired of the usual, boring PVs.