New Mexico

Many New Mexico vapor stores are concentrated in the Albuquerque area, but they also spread north. You won’t generally find them on the outskirts near the borders of New Mexico, but towns like Rio Rancho, Hobbs, Santa Fe, and Taos cater to a wide and varied audience of vapers.

Their interests include beautiful, authentic mechanical mods which only experts can use safely and effectively, as well as items for those who are into mod building. Vapers are interested in fine juices and dry herb vape pens. All the major brands can be found here: Smok, Innokin, JoyeTech, ELeaf, Sigelei, and Aspire.

Some Vapor Store Names in New Mexico

Buy your e-cig, variable watt mod, juice, or RDA from one of the following:

• Bee Liquid
• Juice-E-Vapes
• Thirty-One Vaporz
• Vape Scape
• Vapor Werks
• Route 66 Vapor

This is not the full list: several companies won’t appear on the internet unless you peruse the Yellow Pages online. You might have to cruise around town in search of shops that operate by word of mouth and customer loyalty. Vapers often discover their favorite stores by accident.

Route 66 Vapor Store

Head to Rio Rancho where Route 66 waits to teach you how to vape and please you with their assortment of e liquid and dry herb equipment. If you prefer the herbal option, they list a Yocan 94F vape pen and accessories.

Route 66 also sells hardware by JoyeTech, Kanger, Eleaf, and VapeOnly like the VPipe II, Joye eMode, and the eVic Supreme. Route 66 e liquid is USA-made and priced $5.95 for every 10-ml bottle.

Oasis Vape Lounge, Albuquerque and Rio Rancho

With a third location in Mesa, AZ, the owners of Oasis Vape Lounge are doing well. Their selection includes the well-liked and moderately powerful Eleaf iStick 20W: an introductory mod for anyone who wants to try varying watts without spending $150+ on a 150W product.

They also carry the Atlantis Tank and H2 Clearomizer: items at both end of the experience spectrum. An Innokin iClear would fit nicely on the iStick 20W, but the Kanger SubTank might be a better choice.

High Desert Vapes, Albuquerque

From Monday until Saturday every week, High Desert Vapes deals with customers who know how to vape big clouds. They operate items like the Sigelei 100W and the Kanger KBox fitted with an Eleaf Lemo or the Joye Delta II sub-ohm tank. They have their pick of low-price and cloned mechanical tube mods: the K100, Chi You, Magneto, and Galileo are some of them.

High Desert Vapes sells e juice and bases for DIY juice makers. Have you ever wanted to blend your own flavors? A list of products features Nature’s Flavors organic extracts alongside bottles and other equipment.

Adventurous individuals with an eye for electronics and steady hands might be more interested in DIY mod building and repairs. The catalogue at High Desert Vapes contains resistors, regulators, LED bulbs, and other materials for building homemade mods.


Visit Juice-E-Vape online and watch as they teach you how to vape and fill tanks online. Their video tutorials offer an excellent resource. So do their products, like the Innokin 134, Kanger Unitank, and Kanger T3S. They carry e juice priced $8.99 for 15 ml: a very affordable price.

Stop by or call for more information about their products such as mechanical mods, RDAs and RBAs. As websites go this one is purely for reference, whether as a learning tool or a glimpse at the products carried here.