New York

Everything exciting can be found in New York, whether it is stock market trading, Broadway musicals, concerts in Central Park, or the start of a new vaping venture. Many entrepreneurs have called New York their home and use their expertise to bring the e cig revolution to consumers near and far.

Here are just some of the companies you will find in the great state of New York plus some guidelines for finding the shop that suits your particular needs as a vaper or the loved one of a soon-to-be ex-smoker.

Selecting a Vapor Vendor

Your e-cig needs are personal; no two consumers are exactly alike. Either their hardware interests differ or they have different tastes in juice, if not both. There is plenty of room for competing e cig stores to operate in the same city, even on the same block, because they won’t all serve the same sorts of customers.

First-time or relatively inexperienced consumers hope to discover a store which sells a wide selection of easy-to-use batteries; possibly KR808 and 510 cells but, if those are unavailable, eGo or EVOD style cells. With an 808 battery, it is also possible to find compatible, pre-filled cartomizers that make the job of refilling easy if expensive.

All the other designs (and those further up the line) require one to find e juice and do some refilling. Juice sold in the store for newbies is likely to contain large amounts of propylene glycol; stuff thin enough for basic coils in disposable or re-usable tanks not designed to last long.

There might also be a selection of better, Pyrex tanks with sturdier coils and perhaps a few higher-powered mods, but if a company carries 808 and 510 batteries or starter kits, there is a good chance their audience is low-skilled and fairly new to vaping.

If they carry anything at a higher end it will likely be affordable; perhaps clones of high-end devices. For those expecting top-shelf juice and authentic mods, mechanical or variable watt sub-ohm devices, a different shop is called for in general. The vendor you are looking for knows how to wrap coils, is well versed in the details of rebuildable atomizers, and might even host cloud-chasing competitions.

Some Stores

A list including Henley, LIVE (Long Island Vape Emporium), Brooklyn Vapor, Vape New York, Alt Smoke, and Buffalo Vapor Lounge will lead consumers to at least every style of device and, between them, a huge selection. Take some time to see what they have to offer online, but if you get a good feeling, consider stopping by in person. Many times, the in-person selection will include short-run editions of mods that will never make it to the internet.

Alt Smoke

In an unusual turn of events, the owners of Alt Smoke carry the Volt E Cig which is both an inexpensive and a totally simple device that someone without experience can use right out of the box. Alt Smoke also carries a variety of variable watt mods and a few eccentric items such as the BB mod and the Silver Bullet. Their e-juice selection includes high-end liquids: Cyclops, Cloud Science, and Obsession among them.

NicDrops Vapor Drop, Brooklyn

The name implies a store carrying most e juice and you would be right that this is their focus. NicDrops doesn’t leave customers hanging, however; in an emergency you will still find a Pro Battery (EVOD) plus an iClear 30 or Horizon Spartan Tank. Their Premium E Juice is made from 100% USP, Kosher bases and high-quality flavorings. Buy a 5-ml bottle for $5, 10 ml for $8, or pay $11 for 15 ml.

Long Island Vapor Store

LIVE creates a magical, mystical interior environment customers will really appreciate at night. Their ceiling is draped with dark shades of blue material and “stars” come out when it’s dark outside. They sell the Square 118 18650 mod for $185 and an Orthos Box Mod made completely of copper ($360). Their juice costs $18.99 for 30 ml and they carry flavors with fun names like Bobo (bakery spices). Online selection is minimal, but who wouldn’t want to visit one evening and see what’s inside their display case?

Vapor World

Join the loyalty reward program at Vapor World, a member of CASAA. You can shop there any day of the week, earning $1 for every $20 spent. Those dollars will soon add up and pay for juice or a battery. Their Prime e liquid comes in flavors like Grape-Aid and Peach, but you’ll have to stop by to find out how much it costs. Make an appointment to learn about coil wrapping and they’ll teach you in person how to become an advanced vaper.

Buffalo Vapor Lounge

There are several locations, not just Buffalo, but the name of this all-purpose vapor store has stuck. They carry the Innokin Leo 1000, CLK 1280, and iTaste MVP Shine and Energy VW mods. Their kits include a VTR, Leo Pro, Cool Fire I and II, and the SVD. Buffalo Vapor Lounge seems to have a good relationship with Innokin. Buffalo Vapor Lounge will also customize kits with the cell and clearomizer or tank of your choice. Mods for sale include the Apollo, Big Dripper, Magma RDA, Plume Veil, and several more.