North Carolina

Try your hand at vaping for the first time and there is a good chance your old attachment to analog smoking will give way to a brand new and joyous hobby: smokeless smoking. Although your first visit will probably be to a corner store where they sell a menthol or tobacco disposable e cig by one of the major brands, it could be that your first stop is at a vapor store located in a city like Wilmington, Greensboro, or Fayetteville, NC. Here are some North Carolina e-cig stores to think about as you plan your shopping route: grocery store for milk, farmer’s market for veggies, vapor store for all your vaping needs.

Charlotte Vapes

I would say their location is obvious, but Charlotte Vapes is also situated in Gastonia and Lake Wylie. They operate seven days a week, serving customers who want gourmet juice and authentic mechanical mods.

Charlotte Vapes starter kits have price tags that start at $30 and up, each one containing 10 ml of juice, so right away you can say they are good value. Most kits do not have e liquid in it yet but cost about the same price for a single-battery set.

Browse their beautiful, well-stocked stores for the AR Mod by TAC Mods, Manhattan mods, the Mutation X V2, Igo W15, or a Tugboat RDA. Charlotte Vapes runs a loyalty program which is basically about signing up today and earning discounts.

Lucky Duck

What I appreciate about this name is that it starts out sounding like a brand of cigarettes but, in the end, comes without the harm. An e-cig is a much better choice than a cigarette.

Choose Aspire products (tanks and batteries), a Kumiho eGo, Smok 300-mAh battery, or an Eleaf Lemo Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. Lucky Duck sells the authentic Penny mod, as well as a Zenith V2 RDA clone, so pricing and stock are varied, just right for the equally varying budgets of real people.

In their list you will also find the Skyline M-6, Tesla Wood 120W Box Mod, and a Kamry 20W. Choose the Smok XPro M22 or a Wood Trigger Mod. Sort through the familiar and the unusual and you will come away with an item which is distinctly “you.” Lucky Duck runs regular events such as parties and cloud-chasing competitions: follow them on social media to find out more.

Electra Vapor Store

A juice like “Panther” sounds like it might pack a powerful throat hit, like a wild beast. There are more reviews available about Ben Johnson’s Awesome Sauce and CRFT online, however, if you don’t feel adventurous.

When you prefer great juice, there’s no point operating hardware that is unequal to it. You want a Tesla or a Zmax; maybe the Vamo V3 or an iTaste VV3.0.

Electra carries US and foreign mods. Their stock favors names that customers have heard lots about and models they can read many reviews for. These include the Sigelei 100W mod and the Kanger ESmart. Choose a mod clone: maybe a 4Nine.