Canton, Springboro, and Cincinnati are just some of the Ohio cities where smokers will find e cig stores. Become acquainted with a few of them. Visit the stores and talk to employees so as to determine which ones provide a welcoming atmosphere and the product knowledge to really help you.

Particular locations are set up for advanced vapers and it won’t take long to find out which ones. Their stock will be expensive; clerks might snigger at you. In an ideal world, e-cig experts will congratulate you for making a healthy choice and recommend a better place to find gear for beginners. You’ll probably never hear them mention Walgreen’s or the gas station.

Disposable Vapes

They know that one-time e cigs resembling cigarettes are a waste of your money. In reality, disposables and even rechargeable e cig kits are expensive to operate and refill, while eGos and PV’s can be remarkably cheap, especially compared to cigarettes. Let a vapor store clerk guide you to some place that sells eGos and clearomizers, and where starter kits cost about $30 and e liquid will be fine in a plastic tank.

Vapor Stores in Ohio

Smart Vapors, Cloud 9 Vapor Lounge, Alt Smoke, Doc’s Vapor Supply, and Vapor Express Inc. are just some names you might come across. Alt Smoke is a successful chain so you have probably seen them somewhere else before too. From 10 in the morning until 10 at night, there is usually a vape store open somewhere, probably in the Cincinnati area, although maybe not as late on Sundays.

Favorite Vapors, Cincinnati

A location close to the college and eating establishments is bound to be successful, which is probably where they get their name. Favorite Vapors is no doubt a favorite with students able to select from over 100 juice flavors by Tasty Cloud, The Refuge, and others.

Euphoria Vapor Store

Purchase a bottle of Captain Obvious e-liquid or Vintage Vapors at this shop in Fairview Park. Choose your first JoyeTech device such as the Ego One; maybe a basic eGo (650, 900, or 1100 mAh). They sell simple clearomizers like the Innokin iClear plus Aspire Subohm tanks for the day you venture into variable watt vaping. At that time, ask about their Authentic Manhattan mod or the E-LVT mini.


Open in 3 locations, this family-owned firm operates in-store trade only; their website serves more as a reference only. Then again, it’s an impressive reference. Use their site to learn about the people who run the day-to-day activities of the company and the guys who own the place. Look up video tutorials and explore their loyalty program. Their roster of juices include Cosmic Fog, Beard Vape Co., and Afternoon Delight.

Hilliard Vapor Lounge

Selection is designed to be accessible and to provide something a little bit out of the ordinary. It’s not every vape store that carries the Kanger IPOW 2, especially when stores are geared towards experienced customers.

Hilliard maintains affordable choices such as clones as well as items which are inherently inexpensive. That would include devices like the Innokin iClear 16B and 30, a Kanger Aerotank, Smok RBC, and the Chi You by HCigar. This Chinese firm makes a lot of affordable clones of expensive mods and atomizers.

The UCan is featured here, another unusual offering. You won’t be surprised to find house-made e juice in the store: a lot of vendors blend their own. Hilliard Vapor Lounge also sells Space Jam Juice. Their name implies that this is a relaxed place to take your time and explore options; ask questions and network with other vapers.