The vapor scene in Pennsylvania is rich and varied, and provides a platform for vapors at every skill level. Visit Mazag Vapor in New Hope or Vape95 in Philadelphia. Kingdom Vapor is located in Clarion. Buy your e cig at Atomic Vapor Shop, Warminster.

These are places for new or relatively new vapers to find a device and experienced e cig users will certainly find something useful. You will find a variety of box mods and/or mechanical mods at almost all of these locations. For the full e-cig story, online directories are there to help, but here is a taste of what the state has to offer.

Vape Vibe, Altoona and Johnstown

With two stores to serve you and a wide array of supplies, Vape Vibe is what its sign declares: a one-stop vapor store. They carry over 90 e liquids by the likes of Vintage, Nicquid, and Moon Mountain. Major brands of hardware in stock include Aspire and Eleaf. They carry mods like the Stingray X and Flagship. While selection is not huge, there are options for all vapers.

Stars n’ Stripes Vapor LLC, Carlisle

Open 6 days a week — Monday through Saturday — this small company is very fussy about the way their juice is produced. A clean room is not enough; their e liquid is produced in a lab environment. Shipping costs $2.99, a reasonable flat rate for all items, or you could visit the store.

Sababa Vapes

At this Pennsylvania vapor store, you don’t pay anything for shipping if you order enough goods to reach a bill of $70 or more before your purchase is sent out. That might not take long as many of their items are high-powered advanced personal vaporizers.

Choose from Cigreen clones like the Castle atomizer or a TOBH atomizer clone; the Smok ZMAX or an SMY 260W. They carry the Cloupor T5, three levels of iStick VW mods, and the IVAP Bluetooth mod. Sababa Vapes lists Atmos and Uno alternative pen-style vaporizers in several varieties. New vapers will find a selection of eGo and VV batteries in this friendly store. Any starter kits are comprised of expensive, advanced gear.

Sababa also makes their own e juice in a Philadelphia lab using US Grade ingredients. Their ratio is 70/30 (vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol) for premium clouds. Order 30 ml for $14 with up to 14 mg of nicotine or pick a juice you already know like ANML, Cosmic Fog, or Tally Ho.

World’s Finest Vape Shop

You are now in Bridgeport where vaping needs are met seven days a week by at least one establishment. World’s Finest Vape Shop carries the Troll RDA, a Doge V4 competition dripper clone, handmade wooden box mods, and the Provari Mini V2.5.

New vapers are welcome to ask in the store about starter kits which are not featured on the website, but they list individual items that will be simple for early vapers to try. Combine a Spinner battery with a Kanger Protank. Also, ask about custom builds such as their Nintendo mod built from an old-fashioned Nintendo family computer controller.

More Choice and Selection

This is just the beginning. Browse the many other stores throughout Pennsylvania, several of which are concentrated in Philadelphia. You will discover high-end retailers listing limited edition mechanical tube mods. Your search is bound to lead you to e-juice discoveries: high-vegetable glycerin dripping liquids and high-propylene glycol juices for inexpensive atomizers.

If you thought an e cig had to look like those Blu and V2 Cigs you see on the TV, then you might have to dig more deeply. E cig brands of this type aren’t as common in retail outlets as they are online directly from the brand. If you do find one, it will probably be a disposable sold at a convenience store or a starter kit from Walgreen’s.

Generic 808 e-cigs sometimes make their way into display cases, complete with blank cartomizers and suggestions for the type of thin juice that will work with the cheap coils inside. Usually, though, vapers are happy switching to eGos and clearomizers or PVs and tanks because they have more choice, more power, and these setups are less expensive to operate than mini cigs.