South Carolina

The vaping industry is truly bustling in South Carolina. Vapers might need to explore their local towns, out-of-town strip malls, and the Yellow Pages to uncover them all, however, because many are too small for big advertising and websites of their own.

Lots of stores use social media as their primary advertising platform. Maybe they air a little ad on the local radio or TV channel, but theirs will not be the first shop you see while walking or driving along Main Street.

Then again, stores like the Carolina Vapor Mill cut a fine figure and present a professional, classy image beyond the temporary appearance of a mall kiosk or a few eGos on display at a run-down storefront in the industrial park.

Carolina Vapor Mill

Spartanburg plays host to this electronic cigarette company with its attractive store front and tasty lineup of juices. Their focal product is V-Shine e juice made in the store from food-grade ingredients and customizable to clients’ tastes.

Twisted Metal tastes of fruity bubblegum. Select an authentic tobacco flavor like Saw Dust (slightly sweet) or a robust style like The Bandit. Their Hunter Berry is full of fruit. Buy juice online or visit the store where there is even more to see.

Carolina Vapor Mill carries equipment by Kanger, Aspire, and Innokin for their moderately experienced customers. They also sell other people’s juice, even though theirs is top-notch: Five Pawns and Ragna Rok, for example.

Vapor Hut, Aiken

Stop by your local brick-and-mortar store and check out the range of brand-name products from China. New vapers and herbal vapers mix with clients who know how to operate a VW APV. Vapor Hut carries mods by SMY and Kanger (the Gravity Mod, for instance).

An Arctic Subtank would fit nicely with many high-end devices for cloud-chasing. The Innokin EP kit requires far less experience and makes an attractive, discrete gift too. Browse Spinners, eGos, iClear clearomizers, and in-house juice costing $5 to $15.99 in 10-ml to 50-ml bottles. Drip some onto a Patriot Clone, the Bat RDA, or a Mad Hatter. An Atmos Dry Herb pen is available for the herbal vaper.

Carolina E Cigs, Huntersville and Fort Mill

The unusual thing about this South Carolina vapor store is that they sell items by V2 Cigs and Green Smoke items. Most of these brands’ business is done at dedicated kiosks or online except where their disposable e cigs are concerned. These make it to gas-station checkout counters alongside cigarettes.

At Carolina E Cigs, you can buy a V2 Cigs starter kit; the cigalike style which has captured the imaginations of many smokers for its cigarette-like shape, weight, and size. Buy cartomizers for these and Green Smoke e cigs plus Halo juice for your blank cartomizer, clearomizer, or tank.

Shift your eyes over their display and you will find a Kanger Starter Kit with two 1100-mAh batteries and a charger; the perfect next-step. An EFire Wooden eGo Spinner operates in the same manner but the imagery engraved onto it is somewhat aggressive.

Move along to adjustable items like the iTaste VTR, Vamo, and Tesla. A Panzer Black Hawk clone and Hammer Pipe are among the mechanical mods on their shelves. Buy juice by Smooth Vapes. You might call Carolina E Cigs an all-purpose vapor store in this sense; a place for smokers and e-cig connoisseurs to truly explore vaping at every stage.