South Dakota

South Dakota is another one of those backwaters when it comes to buying an e-cig, be it an eGo or an advanced device. You will probably have more luck visiting neighboring states or ordering products online than trying to do your vapor shopping in South Dakota, unless all you really want is to try a disposable e cig. In this case, you don’t even need a vapor store. A corner store will do with its supply of disposable e cigs.

The Difference

There is a problem with just buying disposables: they cost about $6 to $10 each time. While vapers don’t realize it at first, they sometimes get through more vapor than they would have cigarettes in terms of the puff count. It won’t take long to spend at least as much on e cigs as ever you did on analogs or the savings won’t add up the way you expected them to. Besides, this is an environmentally irresponsible way to go.

Rechargeable e cigs give you so much more affordability, e-liquid variety, and style. If you can find a vapor store in or near the town where you live, that is a bonus. If not, Rapid City and Sioux Falls appear to be major centers where vaping is accepted and the field is growing.

Black Hills Vapor, Rapid City

In-store shopping leads to a variety of items sold from a relaxed environment where the table is laid with books and music is playing in the background. They carry the Kamry K600 and K200, Innokin, eGo, and Kanger products, and items from other well-known manufacturers. Their e juice selection is pretty long and impressive. Explore several flavors by Velvet Cloud, Native Juice, Vapor Beast, Indigo, Quantum, and more.

South Dakota Vapor Shop

In the store and online, they boast a selection of mods, mostly for the initiate who knows what to do with an RDA, an unregulated device, or a product that can pump out clouds like there’s no tomorrow. Admire the DB Modz, Manhattan, or Paragon, all authentic devices. Select gourmet juices by Beard Vape Co., California Vaping Co., and Cuttwood.

A Few More Options

There aren’t a lot of South Dakota vapor stores online. Most warrant just a sentence or two on a directory or in the Yellow Pages. Certain ones are on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most you will discover by accident when you go for a walk or browse an unfamiliar area to see what’s new.