Tennessee does not have much to offer in the way of vapor stores. What they lack in quantity, however, they make up for in quality. The few stores operating in this southern state promise to provide their customers with excellent service.

Business owners hope to supply their customers with inspiration and education. They promise to be there for you as you take the first risky steps away from cigarettes. If you take them at their word, there is a good chance you won’t have to travel outside the state or purchase your e-cig equipment from a vendor located in Texas or Florida.

Tennessee Vapor, Nashville and Hendersonville

Seven days a week, this vapor store opens its doors to grateful communities of people once addicted to cigarettes. Their stock is huge: you can see it right on the photos. Shelves are absolutely packed with juices and display cases are loaded with stock. It’s not an untidy sort of “loaded,” but you can see they carry enough stuff to satisfy their clients. The atmosphere is warm and homey.

At Tennessee Vapor, there is no plan to push customers into a purchase; they’ve seen enough pushy salespeople to know their clients don’t need to be harassed. Clerks are there to help you, nothing more, and staff will go out of their way to do that.

Let them guide you to the right equipment for your capabilities and confidence and to flavors that suit your palate. E-liquids behind the counter are made by Adam Bomb, King’s Crown, G2 Prime, and others. They stock e liquid, herb, and wax pens.

Experienced vapers will like their range of Tobeco and low-priced mechanical and high-powered mods. These include the HCigar Kylin, iStick, Vamo V6, Knight, and Manhattan clone. Tobeco manufactures some excellent copies of high-priced mechanical mods, so wise customers buy their products.

Saffire Vapor

A chain of vapor stores has opened all over the state, popping up in Nashville, Knoxville, Cool Springs, and other cities. Their shops are all BBB-accredited so you can have faith in this company to do right by you and your friends. They list devices by the top names: Aspire, Vision, Kanger, and others. Shop here for a simple CE4, an Aerotank at the next level, or an RDA for experienced consumers like the Little Boy or Stillare V2.

Mid-TN Vapor Shop, Manchester

Shop, lounge, connect, and vape from Monday to Sunday. There isn’t an online option at this time: customers will have to come in, but that’s not a hardship. Their environment is relaxed and down-to-earth. One thing you will find online is their flavor menu which is already 100’s of flavors long but could be longer if you customize.