A down-to-earth greeting awaits you in many of the Texas vapor stores situated in all major and some of the minor cities around that glorious state. These include Denton, Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Small stores don’t bother with online advertising or sales. They rely on word-of-mouth.

Customers might stumble across them, not find them in a deliberate way by browsing the net. The ones listed here featured on the internet, however, among several others; too many to write about them all. You can shop with several of these stores using their secure online systems, but some are set up only for person-to-person sales.

North Texas Vapor Shop, Denton

Generally speaking, North Texas Vapor Shop is expecting their clients to be a little timid about e cigs. Their customers don’t know much about the high-powered products sold at other stores or, if they are experienced, they are buying gear for someone who is a little nervous about giving up cigarettes for vapor. Their price range is short and experience is equally limited.

Some of the clients who walk through their doors are first-time vapers seeking a safe place to learn and explore. Many patrons have been doing this for a while and are happy with the level where they’re at. It’s thought that most vapers stay at the 650-mAh to 1100-mAh level where costs are low and flavors are great without sub-ohm clouds and variable-watt equipment.

Fill an Innokin iClear with handmade e juice. Select the Vision V3 rebuildable bottom coil clearomizer and assorted eGo batteries to provide your power. Two-battery starter kits start at $60, which isn’t too bad a price. Individual batteries are priced to sell: from $19.99 to $23.99 in assorted colors. North Texas Vapor Store is open every day of the week.

Vapor Works

The next vapor store on this list is located in Carrollton and expects customers to be a little more experienced than the ones who frequent North Texas Vapor Shop. They can still buy EVOD and eGo products but there is room to experiment.

Consider the Volcano LavaTube 2.5, a device reviewed many times online so you know all about its improved variable-watt setup and multiple color choices. Mechanical devices are also on sale here like the Hammer Clone.

Vapor Works currently hosts an iTaste sale, ridding their shelves of old Innokin stock from the EP, Leo Pro, and CLK line. This will make room for newer models. Among Joye products, you find the eRoll and eGo One. House juice is inexpensive: $13.99 for 30 ml.

Artisan Vapor Company, Irving

The e-cig industry is exciting and there is plenty of choice. You can now purchase a rebuildable glass tank with pre-built coils or one that provides the option to build your own. They are known as Rebuildable Tank Atomizers.

Artisan Vapor Company sells these plus lower-level items and assorted, advanced equipment. Purchase an adjustable Ballistix 1500-mAh or 2100-mAh kit with Pyrex tanks and chargers for $44.99. Choose a Caravella mechanical mod kit or the Innokin Cool Fire II adjustable products. They list an authentic Titan Copper Mod 26650.

When running a high-powered system, a tank like the Atlantis or Morpheus is excellent because they are capable of sub-ohm vaping unlike regular Aerotanks or ViVi Novas. Among their juices are a house selection, Deep Blue, Longhorn Private Collection, and Space Jam. Artisan Vapor Company also sells their own line of e liquids.

Vapor Trading Company

In case you were wondering where to find a wide assortment of gourmet e liquids, Vapor Trading Company has them. Choose from Nosty, Vaping Birdy, Five Pawns, Blueprint, and others. They also make house juice, the advantage of which is that the owner can blend e liquid to your specifications right on the premises.

Look to their hardware selection for quality and variety. The Aspire ET-S Glass clearomizer costs $14 and is suitable for a low-powered eGo (the 1100 mAh for $23.99) or a Kamry 101. Create an affordable, customized e-cig.

For more power, you want the eVic, Innokin VTR, or the Provape Provari. Authentic mods like the Vicious Ant Kraken and Geobukseon Turtleship will cost you more and should have an RDA attached. Vapor Trading Company carries several by Smok, including the Scar.

Join staff and regulars for Happy Hour where you will enjoy in-store savings on the price of e juice.

Tiki Vapor, Kady

You are pretty far from the tropics in Texas, but people at Tiki set a relaxed atmosphere. The closest you will come to drinking tropical cocktails is their e juice selection, but there are benefits to shopping at Tiki Vapor that will distract you from the lack of golden sandy beaches.

The store is run by siblings, ex-smokers, who know first hand what quality products should look and feel like. They sell kits for beginners, moderately experienced vapers, and advanced consumers. Their stock includes items by Vamo, Innokin, Efest, and Kanger: some of the best brands. Browse excellent RBAs including the DC Helios, Kraken Genesis, and IGO-W3

More from Texas

That’s not all you have to choose from in Texas. As I said earlier: the list is pretty long. Whether you are in Conroe (Vaporizit), or Dallas (Sky vapor); Denton (Bombay Vapor), or Houston (The Vapor House), there are plenty of places to browse. Some are geared towards making and selling e juice and they put a lot of pride into their high-quality blends.

Certain stores are more interested in artistic, short-run mods from the Philippines or United States and their prices are high. Most stores run a middle ground by appealing to the moderate to intermediate consumer: someone who can at least handle a variable voltage eGo Twist but also a consumer who isn’t afraid to press a few buttons and achieve 30W vaping with the Eleaf iStick.