With the exceptional variety of styles and number of brands on the market, choosing an e cig is not easy for a newcomer to vaping. The following article will suggest some tips on buying e-cigs effectively without feeling overwhelmed.

Markten Battery next to standard sized e cigHow Long Do You Plan to Vape?

If everything goes well and you like vaping as an alternative to smoking, is this a means to an end or a potentially new hobby? There are two ways this could go: either you will continue to use e cigs of some kind or you will only use e cigs until you wean off of nicotine.

Vaping might be the way you gradually give up nicotine, in which case you won’t need them for long. Disposables will only introduce you to vaping, but their nicotine levels are rarely graduated; most of them contain quite a bit. You will need to buy a mini cig kit from a brand that either provides graduated levels of nicotine down to zero or a kit with blanks so you can buy juice from other companies.

Brands such as Halo, White Cloud, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs are sure to suffice, and if you are interested in buying bigger batteries, Halo sells the Triton Tank System. V2 Cigs offers their EX Series and Pro Series batteries. South Beach Smoke also sells cigalike and eGo-style electronic cigarettes. At first, just buy a kit that will last you for a few months. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on accessories. Always keep in mind that you cannot mix and match every brand; they aren’t all made in the same way.

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Vaping as a Hobby

A lot of vapers simply love e-cigs and decide that they do not need to give them up when nicotine is out of their system. In fact, they might not be trying to wean off of nicotine. Disposables will still provide an introduction to vaping, but consumers who feel comfortable vaping in public will not feel awkward about graduating quickly to eGos or EVODS which are about the size of cigars.

Refilling clearomizers or tanks, however, is a skill in itself. You could turn to Magic Mist and their pre-filled clearomizers, though not many companies sell them. Otherwise, you might just want to take your time and buy some inexpensive juice. You won’t mind spilling a bit if it only costs $0.40 per ml instead of $0.80.

Find a brick and mortar vapor store locally where employees have the knowledge and patience to talk to you about what you might need or want. Since some stores are geared towards those with experience, find one that sells JoyeTech eGo, Innokin EP, or Kanger EVOD starter kits. These are some of the simplest systems to operate and vendors of these devices will surely be happy to assist you in learning the ropes.

Compare prices before you start buying stuff too. Although there is plenty of information available online which allows you to establish an average price for each brand, some rip-off merchants still exist. Don’t be a scam victim. Know enough to recognize fair prices.

Vaping Advancement

If you like the mini cig format and start with an online brand like VaporFi or Triple Seven, it is possible to gradually upgrade without losing loyalty points. Each of these companies supplies several levels of vaping equipment starting with cigalikes and going right up to advanced vaporizers.

With confidence, you discover ways to save money. Reward points provide one route. Another is learning to use rebuildable Pyrex tanks with replaceable atomizers. You retain top and bottom caps and only replace the glass if it breaks or starts to look cloudy.


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