Utah’s vapor industry is alive and well, thanks to the support of people in cities such as Ogden and Salt Lake. Their insistence on buying goods from local merchants ensures that consumers can walk into real stores and talk to real people about their problems with atomizers or their questions about devices.

As long as companies hire the right people and provide customer-driven service, they will manage to weather the storm of impending regulation. Patrons will see to it.

Where to Shop in Utah

If you live in Salt Lake City, you have probably walked past at least one vapor store already and maybe wondered if you should walk in and check it out. Reviews of certain places around the country suggest the atmosphere can be intimidating, but those places are exceptions to the general rule. Usually, business owners encourage staff to create a welcoming and business-like atmosphere which does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, style, or gender.

Salt Lake City Vapors LLC, The Vapor Door in West Jordan, and Vapor Royale in South Ogden are open for business. If you live in Orem, try Vapor Logic.

Peak Vapor, Taylorsville

Here is a store that serves vapers in the mid to experienced level. Their display cases house a Native Mod for $200 and an iTaste VV 4 Express Kit for considerably less. They sell the eHuge by KSD and a diminutive Eleaf iStick 30W. Cloned and authentic mods are sold side by side. The Troll RDA by Wotofo and Zorro RDA by Ohm Nation (both $35) are authentic.

Urban Vapor, Bountiful

Every week, Monday to Sunday, Urban Vapor opens doors to vapers in search of lab-mixed e liquid. They take pride in being able to make this claim when most companies don’t bother to say where their juice is made. This community-minded firm currently invites clients to donate money online to support a child needing life-saving surgery. They also carry e cigs, mods, RDAs, and RBAs in the store.

Vapor Vault, Ogden

Again, you find a store open daily where several choose to close their doors at least one day of the week, usually Sunday. You find this is most common in very small towns or where the company is owned by owners that value family time.

Ogden is a fairly big city, though: it’s no wonder they keep their doors open on Sundays. Find them on social media, online, or drop by one of three locations. Their menu of house e juices is very long and costs $6.75 for 10 ml.

Salt Lake Vapors

From the assorted mods sold here, you might guess this company is catering to a high-end clientele. After all, the El Kapitan is a $170 mechanical device. The Grand Vapor Private V2 is listed for $150. On the other hand, their clones cost around $35 to $50 and the Smok Magneto is affordably priced all the time.

I guess there is room here for everyone to rub shoulders: rich and less-rich alike. Come here for rebuildable atomizers and tools or accessories such as coils. They list the Ucan, Boge cartomizers, and various other small items at this all-purpose store.

Vapor Royale, Ogden

Vapor Royale runs their own YouTube Channel, so you can visit them virtually before visiting for real. Check out a juice assortment that features Pink Spot, The Vapor Hut, and High Desert Vapes.

High-quality mechanical mods give vapers pleasure for various reasons. They are collectible because only a handful is made and each one is given a unique serial number. Many times they are works of art. Fabulous craftsmanship will frequently lead to excellent vapor and flavor.

Vapor Royale has brought in several high-end items like the King Pin Copper by MCV (they even list MCV as a special heading), the Black Copper Heimdall, Hyperion, and many others. Vapor Royale also acknowledges less elevated needs, skills, and budgets. Browse for an e-cig, eGo, and other low- to mid-range products.