In Vermont, they do not set vaping trends or run late-night vaping events. Pricing can be a little high, which happens when there is not enough competition, but that should motivate you to visit more. As consumers demonstrate their interest in vaping, stores grow. They spread. Prices come down. It’s a beautiful thing.

Vermont Vapor Store Castleton

While you wait for that to happen, Vermont Vapor has a few things going for it. One is that they appear to have created a business relationship with JoyeTech, one of China’s major manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. Their selection is dominated by this reliable name. You can start from virtually the very beginning by using one of their 510 devices.

This looks and feels a lot like a cigarette except for the colors that are offered. It is a rechargeable set with a lot of parts, though, so you will probably want to watch a demonstration by your vendor before embarking down this road. An employee will help you figure it all out before you leave.

Other Joye products include the eRoll, eGo One, and eGrip. An eVic is for experienced customers and pairs with the Delta II atomizer. This isn’t the Vermont JoyeTech store, however; The Iron Man/Maraxus clone kit is a beautiful thing. Vermont Vapor also sells homemade e liquids and DIY products so that customers can make their own e liquid.

NEK Vapor, Lyndonville

I searched Vermont for e-cig stores but all I came up with was one more: NEK Vapor in Lyndonville. It’s a good place to get started or to carry on with your vaping adventure if you are somewhere in the middle and searching for exciting ways to vape. Start with that 510-system mentioned above or one of JoyeTech’s other easy devices such as the eRoll. A lot of JoyeTech products sold above are also listed here as well as their eCom Bluetooth.

More brands such as Eleaf, Kanger, and Youde appear on the scene too such as the Subtank Plus, Lemo Drop, Atlantis, and IGO atomizers. They have the ESP 30W by Aspire, KBox, and Wild Wolf Mod. If you’re planning to venture into high-watt devices, here’s a tip: fill tanks with good juice. Any mixture of a $40 tank with a $100 mod is worthy of $12 juice by Dominus, Alpha Vape, or Halo.

Searching for Vapor Satisfaction in Vermont

Vermont is way up north on the border with Canada so there is the possibility of finding more electronic cigarette gear across the border. Ontario has embraced electronic cigarettes. New York is right there too and there is plenty of choice in that state. Maine and New Hampshire won’t be much help; you really have to stick with New York for a wide enough selection unless you plan to order products online. That’s something I can see a lot of Vermont vapers doing.

Until Then

If you are still deciding what to do, take this action at least: buy a disposable e-cig. Several major chains of convenience stores and gas stations sell them, usually tobacco or menthol-flavored. They store them with cigarettes at the back as they are treated like tobacco products. They are a nice affordable way to give vapor cigarettes a try.