Talking about Washington State, you would be right to believe they keep up with the times. In a state that takes coffee seriously and is accepting of alternative forms of “smoking” (that is, herbal vaping), you can expect to find a great deal of selection for e cig vapers whether juices or devices are what you want.

Product Assortment

From Tacoma to Bellingham, Everett to Seattle, you will discover new mods and rediscover favorite ones. Brands like Aspire, Innokin, and Youde are common. Don’t be surprised to encounter the mini e-cig format in one or two places which is relatively uncommon where all-purpose vape stores are concerned. Usually, a brand’s website or mall kiosk is the source of those little devices.

Vaporium Tacoma and Seattle

Here you could explore a new juice every week for 3 years, after which time Vaporium might have added more and retired some less popular ones. Their bargain section includes a couple of excellent atomizers. Under the heading “Kits and Batteries” you will see the Aspire CF VV 650 mAh and HV Blister. They offer the EVOD dual battery set for $60.

A few places around the country have opted to list Smoov items; here it’s their 1300, but Smoov is also known for their cigalikes. Vaporium lists the Anarchist Mod V2, Anonymity Mod, and Doge V2: the real ones. Vapers at every stage of vaping are welcome here and will find something appropriate to meet their needs.

Everett: Sky Vapor

Come to Sky Vapor where things are looking up for the vaper in your life. If you are in the market for a gift, some of their stock is certainly worthy of gift-giving, like authentic Flagship Mods or the Chi Sleek. They carry the Flip V3 in a variety of colors and an X6 eGo battery (the shapely one).

The iTaste VV is an unexpectedly geometric shape your loved one might find interesting, but it is so affordable you could both own one. A Hexohm box mod offers excellent performance if you are a sub-ohm vaper. Buy tanks and accessories: cotton, adapters, an EFest safety charging bag, and more.

Bellingham Vape Lounge and Master of Vapours

The atmosphere at Master of Vapours is mature and generally classy; like a nightclub or wine bar for people in their 30’s and beyond, but laid back. They regularly host events for their patrons. Pricing is fairly good: a Starway CE4 kit costs $17.99 with one battery or $32.99 with two batteries. Choose a clearomizer like the EVOD, Aspire ET BDC, or the Nautilus.

Search for authentic and elegant mechanical mods: the Manhattan, for example. Lower your expectations by purchasing a carefully chosen mod such as the Silver Dragon or King. This doesn’t mean your e cig will be a dud; just that it will not be a limited-edition investment. Flavor sampling is encouraged and online shopping is available.

Mount Baker Vapor

Certain all-purpose vape stores have done very well for themselves. In the e-cig world, Mount Baker is among the household names of their industry, having begun in a van delivering orders directly to customers. Now they run a successful website and physical store.

Order custom juice blends or their pre-made styles that include the famous Hawk Sauce. Choose a well-priced starter kit or the latest version of an Innokin iTaste device. Mount Baker Vapor carries the items you want at prices you can live with.

Vapor Store Honorable Mentions

This is a short list in which I left out the likes of Vapor Parlor in Bellingham, Future Vapor in Seattle, and Thunderhead Vapor in Seattle. You probably know of others, so spread the word. When you know who your local vendors are, you don’t have to buy goods from another state.

Help brick-and-mortar e-cig businesses to continue operating and supporting vapers. They are the backbone of this industry; part of a close-knit community. Many stores run loyalty programs and offer their customers perks if referring a friend or relative leads to a sale.