West Virginia

In the mountains of West Virginia, consumers are seeing clouds. Some are meteorological; others are man-made. To make some of the manmade sorts yourself, drop by an e-cig store and buy yourself a kit. They are designed as an alternative way to get your smoking and nicotine fix without the poisons associated with analogs.

West Virginia Vapor Store Services

Shops like Appalachian Fog (Danville), Full Steam Vapor (Hurricane), Capital City Vapors (Kanawha City), and Anarchy Vapor (Keyser) reach out to a varied group of people. Many are so new to vaping they do not know which end is up. They have never recharged an e cig or refilled a tank. Different people have recommended several items of hardware but they are not sure which brand to try or which e juice will suit them best.

Vapor store staff members are there to help. You are likely to discover, however, that certain stores are better set up for consumers with extensive experience. Their stock is heavy with mechanical tube mods, or the lowest battery power they carry is about 1600 mAh. There isn’t a clearomizer in sight. When you need a basic set of gear, the people at Mystix Vape might have the products you need.

Mystix Vapor Store

When a shop lists brands like Kanger and Innokin, you know regular folks are welcome to come in, ask questions, and will find an affordable, user-friendly e-cig set. This vapor store carries the Kanger EVOD operated using just one button and comes in many colors.

An iTaste VV isn’t much harder to use but it does provide options when you’re ready to find out. They also list starter kits like the MVP with either an Aerotank or an iClear 30, but those are for intermediate customers.

Clones of limited edition mods are often good-quality items for much less money. Mystix carries several like the Nemesis, Penny, and Vanilla. They all look like they cost a lot of money but you’ll be glad they don’t and neither do compatible atomizers such as the Plume Veil or Magma.

West Virginia Mountain Vapor

Here their list of brands is also encouraging. HCigar makes a lot of clones so you can expect to see some good prices at West Virginia Mountain Vapor. Juices by Cyclops, NicQuid, and The Vapor Chef are gourmet products that will make you want to experiment with new styles every week.

EVapor, Bridgeport and Morgantown

Volcano e cigs are the stars of the show at EVapor: one of West Virginia’s authorized distributors of Volcano products. Buy an Inferno or LavaTube kit here. They also carry Kanger, Innokin, and Aspire products plus e juice by Space Jam and Taste. This friendly shop opened their doors in 2011 and has since grown to accommodate the many new vapers and explosion of products arriving since then.